Engaging Students with

Humorous, Passionate, and Relevant Talks

Presentations that help foster change in school culture and
uplift students to make positive choices

Watch How We Boost Self-Confidence In Students!

"He's inspirational. He's funny and he's practical. I've seen him twice. He's just plain awesome!"

Alysha, Arlington, TX

Powerful Techniques for Making Great Choices

Your students will get tested & tried proven techniques that will prevent them from making poor choices. They will understand and be able to implement a path of positive choice-making

Realizing the Impact of Their Online Lives

Students will REALIZE that what they do online matters! From their current group of friends to their future college choices, their online decisions impact their future.

The Cost of Treating People Poorly

Often, students think of themselves as the MOST important person. We help to bring an understanding within students that treating others WELL provides lasting value to their own personal lives.

What makes Our Motivational Speaking So Powerful?

Spoken to Over 1 Million Students!

Jerry has spoken to over 1 million students in all 50 states over the last 10 years. His ability to speak in all regions/cultures of the United States makes him completely capable of speaking to your inner-city population or your rural community!

100% Confidence He Won’t Say Something Stupid!

You can count on Jerry to provide humorous and relevant content without having to worry, “Will he suck?” Let’s be honest, you think about that! Jerry masters the stage and any audience. All the while, his staff’s professionalism communicating with you before the event is unmatched.

Follow-up Call with Student Leaders!

Jerry provides a 30-minute post-presentation Facetime/Skype call with student leaders to encourage and provide additional insight into keeping his message going. This benefit provides a continual engagement with Jerry and his content long after he speaks.

Real, Honest, Non-Plastic.

Ever have a presenter who was “plastic”on stage? Students see RIGHT through plastic. Jerry provides real, honest, open content to meet the needs of today’s students.

Includes Parent Presentation!

Jerry’s talk are followed up with a parent presentation (if wanted) called Parenting the Snapchat Generation. This seminar dovetails with Jerry’s student talks and challenges parents to “step up” and take ownership of what their students are doing online.

Student Involvement

Being a former teacher, Jerry realizes that getting students’ senses involved is important! Jerry doesn’t just “lecture”, he involves students in his presentations to make points, role-play situations, and develop lasting impact.

Jerry isn’t just Another Motivational Speaker

Jerry has a 30-minute follow up call with student leaders

FREE resources are provided to each school!

He provides a same-day parent presentation to get the entire family on the same page

Jerry isn’t just Another Motivational Speaker

Jerry has a 30-minute follow up call with student leaders

FREE resources are provided to each school!

He provides a same-day parent presentation to get the entire family on the same page

About Jerry & What Makes him the Best Student Coach

Beginning his career as a 7 th grade teacher in Haleiwa, Hawaii, Jerry immediately became involved in the lives of students. After 8 years as a youth pastor, Jerry has been speaking professionally for over 15 years to 1 million students in Canada, South Korea, Germany, Dominican Republic, and the United States.

Besides being a highly regarded student speaker, Jerry has written six books, appeared on XM/Sirius radio, shared the stage with former NFL stars, speaks regularly for the Navy SEALs, and is a leading voice for students across the nation.











Illinois Prairie Ridge HS

"You were absolutely fantastic! You knew your audience so well, my entire senior class was beaming when they left your talk today. No one had a bad thing to say, you entertained us and made us feel worthwhile, while simultaneously sending a message. Magic!"


Jonathan Strickland

Atlanta, GA

"Man, you were amazing at the SkillsUSA Georgia competition. By far the best motivational speakers they’ve ever had. Truly, it was perfection."


Allison Brenner

DECA advisor

"I was at the DECA conference last night. You caught me at just the right moment in my life. You were used last night to speak to me as well as many other students in that room. I hope that you are used to reach thousands more."



Arlington, TX

"He’s inspirational. He’s funny and he’s practical. I’ve seen him twice. He’s just plain awesome!"


What Can I expect after engaging Jerry’s service
for my students?

  • You can expect your school and students talking about his presentation for weeks afterwards!
  • Expect students who will want to speak with Jerry afterwards and some student committing to change!
  • Realize that some students may come to teachers/principals and share things they want to do to promote a better school climate!
  • Expect that each talk is tailored to YOUR school’s needs and issues!
  • Know that Jerry is always available to discuss any issues that arise AFTER the event! You want to speak with him about a particular issue – no problem!
  • Expect your students to WANT HIM BACK again and again!

What will happen if you DON'T engage Professional help for
Coaching Your Students

Your students will be bored and you’ll waste class time

Let's be honest, that is what DOES happen in many student presentations! Without a seasoned student speaker, your students will get NOTHING from the speaker and you'll waste valuable class time.

The uneasy feeling that "this is going to be a train wreck" that causes you to be sick to your stomach

You might have been there before. The presenter gets up on stage and you immediately regret the decision. You went cheap or didn’t do your research and THIS is what happens. You are nauseated over what is taking place on that stage.

Peers that think you don’t know what your students need/want

If you decide to bring someone in that you think “will do”, chances are it won’t end well. Your peers – teachers and staff – will question whether you know what it is that your students need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Although Jerry has his “day rate”, we NEVER want finances to be the issue of whether Jerry comes. We listen to each schools’ needs and budgets to produce a package that will satisfy everyone.

How many sessions are enough to bring a change?

We believe that EVERY student needs to hear Jerry’s message! We typically provide three sessions that helps to segment your school population into similar age-ranges.

How long are the sessions?

Jerry caters to your needs in regard to session length. We see anywhere from 35-70 minutes depending on the age/size of your group.

Does your talk include religious or political content?

Jerry’s been doing this for 15 years. If he would have included any religious or political content, he would have been unemployed years ago. So, no, Jerry steers clear of this kind of stuff!

Can we have a say in what is said?

Yes, our pre-calls will explore “talking points” you may want included in Jerry’s sessions.

How far in advance do we need to book Jerry?

Typically, we can squeeze in a day/time if we have two weeks notice.

Transform the lives of your students today – a journey from being a victim of their choices to be a creator of their destiny