A Preventive AND Productive Plan for Bullying

Don’t make dicussing the topic of bullying boring and ineffective. Why not create an environment where kids LEARN, are EQUIPPED, and have FUN? Jerry’s bullying keynote is PERFECT for your students where they are challenged to be the difference! His presence in front of students gets them not only understanding bullying, but realizing the role they play (or don’t play) in making bullying continue at school.

What happens in this keynote?

  • Defining bullying in a way students understand
  • Participating in a Bully Defender exercise (GUARANTEED to get your students ready to end bullying in your school)
  • For elementary schools, learn the 3 R’s: Remove, Report, and Reach and for MS/HS the 4 C’s: Calm, Confident, Compliment, and Crowd!
  • Plus … humorous stories, group participation, and practical teaching! It’s like not even skipping a class period!
  • BONUS! The Mower will be performed!


Taking Risks to Reach Your Full Potential

This program emphasizes the importance of making good, healthy relationship choices and having personal responsibility. Using his favorite ice-breaker, “The Mower”, Jerry shows how choices affect future relationships and personal lives.

With 18 different interactive elements within a 50-minute presentation, Jerry involves students in this presentation. There is never a dull moment and your students will love it! From personal stories that will have students laughing and “pin-drop” moments that will have them on the edge of their seat, Jerry will engage and equip the students in a way that will only emphasize the learning they have daily in the classroom.



The Things No One Challenges Students On!

Juniors and seniors are planning for life after high school. It is likely that they have heard how to choose a college, what to do with their life, finding that life-long partner, and how to budget their money. But, have they ever been asked pointed questions that impact their life? After we explore these questions …:

  • How do I handle my toys?
  • How do I handle adversity?
  • How do I handle time?

… Jerry conveys pointed comments – in a combined audience so they both understand the needs, problems, and concerns of the other sex. Here’s a teaser:

“You are not the coolest person ever. Not even close. When you think you are God’s gift to everyone, very few authentic people will be your friend.”

These are hard-hitting insights that are not for the typical fluff you’re used to hearing. These 5 Things will challenge AND change your students!


Parent night

In order to have the program succeed, Jerry Ackerman Productions has enlisted the help of three highly-trained, experienced, and energetic speakers:

TroyCooper_1Troy Cooper currently resides in Indianapolis.  A former youth pastor, Troy has a magnetic and engaging personality that motivated and excites students.  He is an experienced pastor/teacher/missionary who has served with students and adults in local church, camp, school, neighborhood, coffee shop, online and international missions settings.

MarkWiggins_1Mark Wiggins resides in Washington, DC.  Mark is an international Motivational Speaker, Author, Trainer, and internet Talk Show Host.  He is also a former college basketball player for the University of Alabama – Huntsville.  As a former athlete, Mark understands how important it is to prepare now for the future.

BobHarvey_1Bob Harvey resides in Dayton, Ohio. Bob is a down-to-earth, genuine, relatable person who combines a strong mix of likability and realism which entertains as it educates. He believes every person has intrinsic value just as they are.  Bob has communicated this truth for the past 20+ years in classrooms, churches, camps and retreats teaching young folks to develop confidence in who they are as unique individuals.


Where Does “Playing Around” Ends & Bullying Begins?

Some people wonder where the lines is in regard to bullying.  Is this a bullying situation or not?  Our research indicates that parents especially are very sensitive to any situation that is negatively affecting their child(ren).  The best way to distinguish between bullying and “normal” interactions is by the definition of bullying:

Repeated words or actions by a student or group of students against another student with the intention of harassing, ridiculing, causing harm, or causing fear.

The most important word in that definition is the word “repeated.”  Wherever many people gather on a consistent basis (ie, schools), there is bound to be conflict.  There are always occasional inappropriate things said, heated exchanges, or a terse word; not everything that is done to someone is bullying.

When someone is getting repeatedly ridiculed, harmed, or harassed, then we move into the realm of bullying.


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